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How to pick a good trainer?

Over the 30 years we have been making The Horse Magazine we have tried very hard to keep the fakes and phonies out of our pages. Sure, there have been......more

IAHP August Rider of the Month

James Paterson Robinson is perhaps not the easiest guy in the world to interview. He’s got a very Dutch dry style and when I ask him to tell me a......more

Aachen – The inside story with Shane Rose

What went wrong some punk kid from Germany beat you? "Yeah, one second too slow and also they were five marks......more


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Who’s going to Rio? The Breeders: Margareta Algotsson

There can be little doubt that Margareta Algotsson has been the most successful breeder of Olympic Eventing horses, EVER!...more

Who’s going to the GAMES?

Christopher Hector analyses the breeding of the horses entered for the Rio Olympic Games......more


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IAHP August Rider of the Month

James Paterson Robinson is perhaps not the easiest guy in the world to interview. He’s got a very Dutch dry style and when I ask him to tell me a......more

George and Savannah – a lesson

It has been a while since THM visited George Sanna at home at Chatham Park. When I arrived George was in his ‘office’, surrounded by a group of disciples, obviously......more

Saddleworld Rising Star – July

Brooke Langbecker starred in the third round of the 2016 Young Rider Selection Series, winning the class at the Gympie......more


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Training at home with Kevin McNab

Shannan Makauskas visited Kevin McNab at home at the Kelecyn Equestrian Centre......more

Christoph Hess: Helping out in Australia

Christoph Hess recently retired from his position with the German Equestrian Federation, which left him free to help with the Australian Squad. When Rebecca Ashton met up with Christoph at......more

July Rider of the Month – Christopher Burton

British based Australian eventer, Christopher Burton took first place in the CCI*** of Saumur, riding Santano - his ‘dresssage’ horse......more


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EA Australian Youth Dressage Championships

There’s a lot of talk these days bewailing the decline of youth. They’re all on their devices taking selfies with no life goals but to have their Facebook likes maxed.......more

Germany’s New Stars!

Interviews by Chris Hector and Birgit Popp and Photos by Roz Neave and Kit Houghton Perhaps the most amazing thing about the......more

A clinic with Christoph Hess – Part One – Young Horses

Alexandra Bruggisser sits in on a clinic with Christoph Hess...  Acting fly-on-the-wall, Alexandra Bruggisser, took a seat in the indoor arena at SIEC watching the two-day riding clinic run by......more


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Developing a super seat… continued

with Rebecca Ashton This month we look at how to achieve a soft, independent hand whilst keeping control of our upper......more

Rider Exercise: Spinal and Pelvic Mobility

Pilates instructor, and riding coach, Rebecca Ashton has some exercises that will help any rider......more

The Ten Commandments…

Andrew McLean has a 10 point check list to see if your training program is based on sound scientific principles......more


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